Mid Term Project:

2017 Mid Term Project

Famous Industrial Designer Presentation

For this project you will research a famous designer and make a slideshow about them to share with the class.

  • You will be randomly assigned a designer by the teacher.
  • Use google to research the designer and their contributions to the field.

(For tips on using google – https://youtu.be/R0DQfwc72PM)

  • Finally create a slideshow with a minimum of 10 slides:
    1. Include the following type of information in your slides:
      1. Name of the designer
      2. Picture of the designer
      3. What kind of things are they known for designing
      4. Picture of something they have designed
      5. Personal history of the designer
        1. Where were they born
        2. Where did they go to school
        3. When were they born
        4. What attracted them to design
        5. Where do/did they work
      6. What enhancements or changes did their designs introduce
      7. Where would we see their designs or the impact of their designs in our lives
      8. What is the designers inspiration for their designs.
  • Your final slide must be a work cited/reference page with proper documentation of where you got your facts.

(See: http://www.easybib.com/reference/guide/apa/website)